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Security Services

We have been supplying event personnel and staff management to companies just like yours since 1990. We understand our client’s need to be provided with excellent service from a company that prides itself on its integrity and professionalism.

Security Management

The team at Bower, with over 150 years of combined leadership experience, are experts in all areas of security planning and management. Bower’s influence goes far beyond the local services it provides to major events and companies in the Coachella Valley. Bower has successfully provided security, management and consulting services throughout the United States, Mexico, and Canada. We are a local company with an international reach.

These experiences enable our management team to see and address identified security and safety concerns often before the client even is aware of them, preemptively limiting liability and protecting the assets of our clients. We measure our success through one metric, by exceeding our client’s expectations. We set the highest standards of service in our practice, requiring passion and integrity in all endeavors, and we expect a desire to provide superior service from all of our high-quality team members. All with the one goal in mind, providing unsurpassed services to our clients who deserve nothing less.

Event Security

From security guards, security supervisors, plainclothes officers, armed security, baggage screeners, ushers and more. Bower can provide the experienced professional security services you need to meet your demands.

Security guards are ambassadors for an event. They are often the first impression a patron or guest has when they arrive. Our professional licensed security guards understand this fact, and we screen for both aptitude and personality to put the right person in the right position. Whether a concert, festival, sporting event or corporate party, our professional security personnel will screen patrons via bag searching technique, hand wander metal detector, ID verification scanner. All to protect and limit risk to players, patrons, staff and the venue management and ownership.

Additionally, our dedicated security guards will protect your physical assets by reducing security breaches at vital checkpoints by verifying credentials. Controlling access to sensitive locations throughout a venue and respond quickly to potential control issues.

Security Consulting

Risk, Threat and Vulnerability Assessments – Starting with an examination of your critical assets, but tangible and intangible, our highly experienced security professionals will use utilize their extensive security experience and knowledge in diverse environments to identify the risks that most don’t even see.

Once these concerns are identified we will create a plan that enables you and your team to make appropriate and cost-effective decisions on the security measures that best fit your business model and needs. We investigate all possible threat vectors and vulnerabilities, including effective violence, sometimes called impulsive, emotional or reactive violence concerns, and then assess value to those risks so that you can act on mitigation them.

Security Audits & Penetration Testing – We can test your current security posture to verify that your security program is effective. We will provide you with the information necessary to make appropriate changes to your security posture and help you obtain buy-in from steak-holders about needed risk mitigation measures.

Additional Services


Threat Management


Information & Cyber Security


Security Planning


Security Training Services (Both Physical & Cyber)

Asset & Site Protection

Bower can decrease the risk of shrinkage and organizational downtime by minimizing theft of physical assets, damage to your site and property, and harm towards people.

Unfortunately, some people will take advantage of vulnerabilities in a company’s processes and procedures. As a strategic partner, our job is to make sure that this does not happen. Bower can decrease the risk of theft, damage, and shrinkage by providing trained professional security officers to protect your assets no matter where they are located.

After your employees and customers, your company assets are most important to the success of your business. Our 24-hour asset protection services can make sure the assets you have worked hard to obtain are protected from misuse and theft.

Executive Protection

From Red Carpets to Airport Runways, Bower’s Executive Protection teams has you and your team covered. Our Executive Protection personnel are experts in risk mitigation for those who may be exposed to higher personal risk because of their employment, prominent status, net worth, or associations.

Executive Protection services demand extreme professionalism and special care to ensure both safety and discretion. Nothing is more important than the security and protection of people. 

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