You know your business and are an expert in your field, but physical security is not your area of expertise. You know you need to plan for security risks, but where do you go for help?

Bower Events Consultants are qualified and board-certified security managers and consultants who will conduct a thorough assessment of your building, perimeter, and property and identify any security vulnerabilities that need addressing. A Bower Events consultant will ask you about your security fears and along with your concerns develop a security plan customized to your specific needs. Our knowledgeable security consultants can save you money in the long run by helping you select systems and equipment that suit your requirements and budget and will scale as your company grows.

Bower Events Consultants provide a valued perspective on existing security policies and procedures and will help you establish policies if required. We can also assist in developing and delivering security training for your employees, making them an invested partner in protecting your organization.

Critical asset identification: Prioritizing the deployment of security measures based on the assets that are most critical to the business’s operations.

Threat and vulnerability assessments: Business owners and managers are responsible for limiting and managing risks from identifiable threats to the extent possible.

Risk mitigation strategies: Risk mitigation strategies link assets to threats. Action plans to diminish or reduce the adverse influences of known or perceived risks inherent to the business are developed this way.

Crime Prevention through environmental design: Crime prevention through environmental design (CPTED) maximizes landscape and building design techniques to reduce vulnerability to crime. Bower has a verifiable track record as an expert in providing security industry best practices. We represent your company and not a specific builder or product, so you can trust that our solutions are the top choice per industry best practices and are in your best interest. We take the time to understand your business and develop cost-effective solutions unique to your security needs.

Failure to sufficiently plan and respond to potential security threats can cost a business owner dearly in increased insurance premiums, liability, business recovery and reconstruction costs, and even injury or loss of life. In today’s litigious world more and more businesses are being sued for negligent or inadequate security. Working with a security consultant to recognize security vulnerabilities and develop policies, procedures, and protocols to address security issues is an effective way to reduce liability and improve the overall security and safety of your business.

Asset and Site Protection

Unfortunately, some people will take advantage of vulnerabilities in a company’s processes and procedures. As a strategic partner, our job is to make sure that this does not happen.  Bower can decrease the risk of theft, damage, and shrinkage by providing trained professional security officers to protect your assets no matter where they are located.

According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau statistic, constructions sites are among the most vandalized locations in the country. Due to the nature of this business, people are constantly coming and going, thus opening up the opportunity for crime. When the site is not active, expensive equipment is often left on site. Another reason to have a trusted partner protecting your interests.

After your employees and customers, your company assets are most important to the success of your business. Our 24-hour asset protection services can make sure the assets you have worked hard to obtain are protected from misuse and theft.

Event Staffing

The primary responsibility of the Special Event Staff is to provide general information, assistance, and directions for guests. Our staff will interact directly with event guests, thus becoming your events first impression. Our professional team members are able to solve on-the-job issues by utilizing effective critical thinking and decision-making skills and possess the ability to work well with diverse populations, resulting in a positive experience for all involved.

Whether a ticket taker, usher, registration person, greeters, administrative assistant, or any other staffing needs, let us help you make your event a great one.

Executive Protection

From People to Property, Red Carpets to Airport Runways, Private Parties and corporate events demand extreme professionalism and special care to ensure a safe environment. Nothing is more important than the security and protection of people.

Bower’s Elite Protection team has you and your assets covered. Our Executive Protection (EP), are highly experienced and trained experts in risk mitigation measures taken to ensure the safety of VIPs or other individuals who may be exposed to higher personal risk because of their employment, prominent status, net worth, or associations.

Security Officers

Staffing an event can often be the most stressful and time-consuming aspect of event management. From security guards, security supervisors, plain clothes, armed security, baggage screeners, ushers and more. Bower can provide the staff and experience you need to meet your demands.

Security guards are ambassadors for an event. They are often the first impression a patron or guest has when they arrive. Our professional guards understand this fact, and we screen for both aptitude and personality so as to put the right person in the right position. Whether a concert, festival, sporting event or corporate party, our guards will screen patrons during ingress via bag searching technique, hand wander metal detector, ID verification scanner. All with the goal of protecting and limiting risk to players, staff and the venues management and ownership.

Additionally, our dedicated security guards will protect your physical assets by reducing security breaches at vital checkpoints by verifying credentials. Controlling access to sensitive locations throughout a venue, and respond quickly to potential control issues.


The management professionals at Bower Events have the experience and expertise required to implement security and emergency plans for any project or event. Managing the plethora of departments and outside agencies involved in a large event is time-consuming. Our professional security management services permit you the time needed to enjoy your event with the confidence that operations are being run professionally.