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Bower Events would like to thank the following guards for outstanding service during an event:

  • Operations Manager Ed Bogle
  • Security Officer Richard Gonzales Jr.
  • Security Officer Aaron Sanchez-Solarzano
  • Security Officer Chris Veres
  • Security Officer Adan Sustaita-Zarate
  • Security Officer Javier Zenon Cordova

Client Letter to Bower Events:

I am taking time to send this email to thank you and your team of security that were at my wedding on 10/27/2018.They did an awesome job making sure everyone was safe, they controlled the traffic, and they patrolled our ranch very well. 
My family, guest, and myself are very satisfied with the job done. I give the team a super thank you for the job they did. They went above and beyond our expectations. 
My father in law made a comment that made me very happy, “The security guy told me to enjoy the wedding that they handle everything. They would direct traffic and make sure the guests parked in the designated areas.” That was awesome!  
They did regular walks around the bar area, they were very organized and very professional. 
Thank You, 
Ana Herrera